More and more people are opting for ready-made food instead of freshly cooked food. Do this development has more advantages over disadvantages?

In this materialistic era, people are busy running the rat race for earning money. Due to this as well as several other underlying reasons, many folks choose to consume ready-to-eat food rather than cooking fresh food for themselves. This essay will describe how the demerits of this trend outweigh its merits after examining both.

On the brighter side, as most people are working and even college students who have a hectic schedule, off-the-shelf food items are a boon for such as they cannot afford to spend hours in the kitchen cooking. It is a convenient way to eat home-cooked food without doing all the work. People just have to slightly cook or microwave the meals and they are ready to be consumed within a few minutes such as instant noodles, frozen food, ready-to-fry and microwavable food items. Moreover, the availability of ready-to-eat food has increased over the years and people have a huge variety to choose from.

On the darker side, prepackaged foods are high in sodium, added sugars and contain many preservatives that are not good for health. In addition, additives are often used to improve the flavor, shelf life, safety or nutritional quality of prepackaged food or to make it look more appealing. Some people may have adverse reactions to certain additives which can cause severe health problems. Prepacked food often contains fat, including trans-fat to increase its age that may increase risk for high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke and heart attack and should be avoided as much as possible. Also, sugary drinks, sweets and baked goods like cupcakes contribute high levels of added sugars to your diet which elevate risk of diabetes.

To sum up, while processed foods can be fast and convenient options for meals and snacks, they aren’t always the healthiest choices. Making meals from whole foods or using minimally processed ingredients, such as frozen fruits or vegetables, is usually a better option due to the high levels of unhealthy ingredients commonly found in highly-processed foods.

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