Previous Year Very Short Questions of CMWM (B-TECH civil engineering 4th)

Construction machinery and works management

Previous year question paper with solutions for Construction machinery and works management

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  1. Difference between activity and event
  2. Limitations of bar charts
  3. Successor event and predecessor event
  4. Work breakdown structure
  5. Total float
  6. Updating process
  7. Critical path
  8. Compare PERT and CPM
  9. Economic life of equipment
  10. Types of mixers
  11. Define the term total float, free float and share float
  12. What are characteristics of Normal Distribution?
  13. What is a milestone chart?
  14. Differentiate between an activity & an Event
  15. Define the term “Line of Balance”.
  16. What ITS and FS stands for?
  17. How do you select the size of a power shovel?
  18. Explain the Variance and Standard Deviation.
  19. Draw the layout of a Bituminous Mix Plant.
  20. Explain the functions of Crane.
  21. How does milestone chart differ from bar chart?
  22. Differentiate between the terms total float and free float
  23. What is meant by the 'optimistic time estimate'?
  24. What is a dummy? Where a dummy should be used?
  25. Define the term 'line of balance
  26. 'Differentiate between-activity and event
  27. What is a life-cycle curve? What are its uses?
  28. What is meant by resource smoothing?
  29. How do you select the size of a power showel?
  30. Compare between Drag line and Clam shell in Cycle time