Previous Year Very Short Questions of IE-1 (B-TECH civil engineering 4th)

Irrigation engineering-1

Previous year question paper with solutions for Irrigation engineering-1

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  1. What is the time required to irrigate an area 0.203 hectare by a stream discharge of 0.043 cumecs, to provide an average depth of 6.35 cm to the field? Take average rate of infiltration 5 cm/h.
  2. What is the optimum depth of kor watering for rice crop?
  3. Enlist the factors influences the efficiency of water conveyance system.
  4. In a given year for a certain irrigation project 72% and 56% of the cultural command area remained un-irrigated in Kharif and Rabi season respectively. Determine the intensity of irrigation for that year.
  5. Enlist the requirements of an ideal regime condition in Lacey’s regime theory.
  6. Enlist the factors contribute to water logging
  7. Define specific yield and specific retention of an aquifer.
  8. How would you rehabilitate a tube well?
  9. Enumerate the criteria to classify the irrigation projects.
  10. What is deflecting groyne?
  11. Enumerate the benefits of irrigation
  12. Briefly describe border strip method of irrigation
  13. What is a watershed canal and what are the advantages of such a canal?
  14. Draw the cross-section of a canal partly in cutting and partly in filling.
  15. What are the causes of water losses in a canal?
  16. What is waterlogging and what are its ill-effects?
  17. What is meant by tile drains and what are their advantages?
  18. Differentiate confined and unconfined aquifers.
  19. Define duty and delta of tubewell irrigation
  20. What is meandering of rivers and what are its causes?
  21. List any four objectives of irrigation
  22. List any four major disadvantages of irrigation?
  23. What is meant by crop-ratio?
  24. What do you understand by balancing depth?
  25. State Lacey's silt theory
  26. What is meant by water logging?
  27. What is meant by a multipurpose project?
  28. How do you differentiate between major, medium and minor projects?
  29. Define specific retention of a well
  30. What is meant by rehabilitation of a tube well?