Previous Year Very Short Questions of BA (BCA 3rd)

Basic accounting

Previous year question paper with solutions for Basic accounting

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  1. Going Concern Concept
  2. General Ledger
  3. Errors of compensation
  4. Contra Entry
  5. Net working capital
  6. Real accounts
  7. Adjustment entries
  8. Subsidiary Books
  9. Balance Sheet
  10. Debentures
  11. Distinguish between expenditure and expenses.
  12. Distinguish between Book Keeping and Accounting
  13. GAAP
  14. Trial Balance
  15. Sales Book
  16. Manager's Commission
  17. Adjustment Entries
  18. Working Capital Cycle
  19. Tally 9.0
  20. Accounting Equation
  21. Current liabilities
  22. Expenditure
  23. Consistency
  24. Difference between purchase book and sales book
  25. Features of cash book
  26. Objectives of Trail balance
  27. Enlist any six items that appear in trading account
  28. Classification of accounts
  29. Rules of double entry system