Previous Year Very Short Questions of C++ (BSC-IT 3rd)

Programming in c++

Previous year question paper with solutions for Programming in c++

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  1. What is reference variable. Give suitable example.
  2. What is function overloading? Give example.
  3. What is the use of private member functions.
  4. Give the concept of dynamic initialization of objects with suitable example.
  5. What is meant by virtual base class. What is its use.
  6. What is the role of this pointer?
  7. What are formatted console I/O operations in C++.
  8. Write down the steps in object oriented design.
  9. Virtual destructor
  10. Overloading
  11. Abstract class
  12. Default arguments
  13. New and delete
  14. Register variables
  15. Inline function
  16. Macro
  17. Call by Reference
  18. Early binding
  19. What are the advantages of object oriented programming?
  20. What is a destructor?
  21. What do you mean by a pure virtual function?
  22. What is an inline function?
  23. What is the use of a function prototype?
  24. How is the memory allocated to an object?
  25. What do you mean by input output streams?