Previous Year Very Short Questions of DS (BSC-IT 3rd)

Data Structure

Previous year question paper with solutions for Data Structure

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  1. What are the criteria of algorithm analysis?
  2. What is the prefix and post fix notation of(a + b) * (c + d)?
  3. What are the applications of Queues?
  4. What are the advantages of linked list?
  5. What is selection sort?
  6. List out the pros and cons of recursion.
  7. Differentiate between linear search and binary search
  8. List out applications of trees
  9. What is data structure?
  10. Differentiate between stack and queue?
  11. What are the mathematical notations used to define the complexity of an algorithm?
  12. How time complexity is measured for an algorithm?
  13. What is the complexity of Binary Search?
  14. How an element is inserted in BST?
  15. What is a recursion?
  16. What is a child node of a tree?
  17. How a node of a link list is defined in a language?
  18. How memory to a node is assigned in a language?
  19. What is collision in Hashing?
  20. What is the level of a tree?
  21. What is Big O notation?
  22. Differentiate between a stack and a queue.
  23. Discuss Bubble sort algorithm.
  24. What is a circular linked list? What is its use?
  25. Define Recursion.
  26. What are priority queues?
  27. Define an Array.
  28. How trees are represented in memory?
  29. What do you mean by garbage collection?
  30. Convert the following infix expression to postfix: A * B – C + D / (E * F) + G