Previous Year Very Short Questions of WT (BSC-IT 4th)

Web technology-1

Previous year question paper with solutions for Web technology-1

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  1. List the attributes of the FRAME element.
  2. What is Event handling in JavaScript?
  3. When is the NOFRAME element used in an HTML document?
  4. Explain some advantages of using frames.
  5. List any two types of web servers with its application usage.
  6. State the advantages of e-commerce over traditional procedure.
  7. Difference between singular and paired Tags in HTML.
  8. How Anchor tag is used in HTML?
  9. How ESS can be implemented in DHTML?
  10. What is the use of SPAN tag in DHTML?
  11. What is Browser?
  12. What is Java Script?
  13. How an image can be inserted into a webpage?
  14. Name any five paired tag.
  15. What is functionality of mailto tag?
  16. What is Operator?
  17. How borders can be added to a page?
  18. Explain Hyperlink.
  19. What is event and event handler?
  20. Why Div tag is used?