Previous Year Very Short Questions of Ds (MSC-IT 2nd)

Data structure

Previous year question paper with solutions for Data structure

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  1. Doubly link List
  2. Hashing
  3. AVL Tree
  4. Tree Traversal
  5. Dynamic Memory Management
  6. Circular Queue
  7. Arrays of pointers
  8. Priority Queue
  9. Efficiency of Searching Algorithms
  10. Height of a Tree
  11. List various notations that are used to represent algorithmic complexity
  12. What is the difference between PUSH and POP operation of stacks?
  13. What is static memory management?
  14. What is the difference between array and linked list?
  15. Name any two operations of queues
  16. Define B+ tree
  17. What are priority queues?
  18. Write the difference between binary tree andbinary search tree.
  19. What is the role of adjacency lists in calculating the shortest path in graphs?
  20. What is the worst case time complexity of heap sort?