Previous Year Very Short Questions of CG (MSC-IT 3rd)


Previous year question paper with solutions for COMPUTER GRAPHICS

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  1. Define random scanning.
  2. List merits and demerits of DVST.
  3. What are various colour models?
  4. List merits and demerits of Bresenham's line drawing algorithm.
  5. What is effect of scan conversion?
  6. Define reflection.
  7. What is refracted light?
  8. What is use of morphing in computer graphics?
  9. Define a vanishing point.
  10. Define intensity attenuation.
  11. RGB
  12. 3-D viewing devices
  13. Trackball
  14. Flood fill techniques
  15. 2-D scaling
  16. CMY
  17. 3-D Rotation
  18. Reflection
  19. Intensity
  20. Morphing of objects