Previous year question paper for AEAI (MA 2nd)

Agrarian Economy of Ancient India

Previous year question paper with solutions for Agrarian Economy of Ancient India from 2016 to 2019

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Unit I:

Evolution of Agriculture: Neolithic Age (Beginning of Agriculture and Domestication of Animals in India); Bronze Age(Indus Valley Civilization, Agricultural Techniques, Crop Patterns, and Irrigation); Iron Age(Iron Technology and Surplus Production Debate, Cultivation Techniques and Processes, Crop Patterns and Irrigation).

Unit II:

State and Land Systems: Land Rights (Communal Rights, Individual Rights, and Royal Rights); State and Private Property (Demarcation of Land, and Boundary Disputes); LandRevenueand Tax Relief Provisions in Literary and Epigraphical Sources.

Unit III:

Peasantry: Peasant hierarchy in Early Indian Society; Political and Social Relationships between Peasantry, Donors, and Donees; Peasant Unrests (Causes and Nature of Peasant Unrests; Kaivarta and Kalabhara Uprisings).

Unit IV :

Land Grants and Expansion of Agriculture: A Study of agrahara, devadana, vaishyagrahara and karashasana; Study of the Krishiparasara(Agricultural processes and Techniques); Early Medieval Agrarian Changes.