Previous year question paper for History-USA (MA 2nd)

History of USA

Previous year question paper with solutions for History of USA from 2016 to 2019

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Unit I

The new territories in the west: Expansion in Texas, the war with Mexico; Moral and ideological tensions: Growth of sectionalism, causes and consequences of the Civil War, Reconstruction of the South; The new economy: growth of industrialisation and new technologies, Big Business, 1875-1900; Growth of cities.

Unit II

Emergence as a World Power: War with Spain; causes and results; decision for economic imperialism; Overseas Expansion: The Carribean and the Pacific, 1896-1915; World Involvement: Unnatural neutrality; the U.S.A. at World War-I; The Treaty and the League.

Unit III

Populist and Progressive Movements: Leaders and achievements, 1890-1917; The onset of Great Depression: Causes and impact; the Hoover Program; The New Deal: New Deal Legislation; foreign policy during the New Deal period.

Unit IV

The Second World War: Issue of neutrality; the U.S.A. at war, planning a new World order; balance of terror: Colder war: Origins; diplomacy of Cold war; containment of communism; Détente; Social Movements: Movements for Social Justice: The Feminist Movement; Temperance; Suffrage; Civil Rights.