Previous year question paper for MW (MA 2nd)

Modern World

Previous year question paper with solutions for Modern World from 2016 to 2019

Our website provides solved previous year question paper for Modern World from 2016 to 2019. Doing preparation from the previous year question paper helps you to get good marks in exams. From our MW question paper bank, students can download solved previous year question paper. The solutions to these previous year question paper are very easy to understand.

Unit I

Enlightenment and Modern Ideas: Renaissance, its social roots, humanism and its spread in Europe; Reformation, its origins, course and significance; Spread of Enlightenment, outside Europe; Rise of Socialist ideas (to Marx).

Unit II

Origins of Modern Politics: European States System- Spain, France and England; Colonial expansion and economic developments; early colonial empires of Portugals and Spain; shift of economic balance from Mediterranean to the  Atlantic, commercial revolution and price revolution.

Unit III

Europe in the 17th and 18th Centuries: Economic, Social and Political dimensions-The English Revolution; Scientific Revolution; American Revolution and the constitution; French Revolution and its aftermath; European political patterns in the 18th century- parliamentary monarchy and patterns of Absolutism in Europe.

Unit IV

Modern Nation State System: English Industrial Revolution, transition from feudalism to capitalism; Rise of Nationalism in the 19th century; state building in Germany and Italy; liberalism and democracy in Britain; Disintegration of Empires through emergence of nationalities; 19th century European revolutions.