Previous year question paper for BAI (MA 4th)

Buddhism in Ancient India

Previous year question paper with solutions for Buddhism in Ancient India from 2017 to 2018

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Theravada its major schools; Origin and growth; organization and Doctrine; Buddhist notion of Ahimsa; the Agendas and significance of Buddhist Councils


Hinayana and Mahayana their major school; growth and organization; Doctrines of Hinayana and Mahayana; Socioeconomic foundations of early Buddhism; Women in early Buddhism


The emergence of Vajrayana and Tantrayana; Different aspects Tantrayana; Doctrines of Vajrayana; Prominent Siddhacarya such as Nagarjuna, Vajraghanta, Padmasambhava, Indrabhuti and Sarahapa; Socio role of Tantrayana

Unit IV

Origin and growth of Buddhist arts; architectural features of Stupas and the Chatayas; development of Sculpture arts of Gandhara. Ajanta Paintings its stylistic features; The Buddhist with reference to Dhayani Buddhas.