Previous year question paper for SRRMI (MA 4th)

Socio-Religious Reform Movements in Modern India

Previous year question paper with solutions for Socio-Religious Reform Movements in Modern India from 2016 to 2018

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Unit I

Society in the 18th century- traditional groups; new social categories; colonial society; the historical origins of caste; western perceptions of caste; impact of western education; critique of Indian society..

Unit II

Socio-religious reform movements in Bengal and the north east India; in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh; Punjab and north west India; central India and Maharashtra; South India. 

Unit III

Agenda of social reformers; response to new education; attitudes towards the Depressed classes; debates on sati; age of consent; widow remarriage.

Unit IV

Formation of socio-religious identities- Hindu consciousness; Muslim solidarity; Sikh identity; issues of conflict and convergence; agents of social change.