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Working Class movement In Modern India

Previous year question paper with solutions for Working Class movement In Modern India from 2016 to 2019

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Unit I

Rise and growth of plantation industries- indigo, coffee, tea and rubber, railway and coal mining; development of modern factory industries- cotton, jute, iron and steel industries and the rise of industrial labour force; impact of Marxian Socialism w.s.r.t. Karl Marx in India; repercussions of the factory legislations, emergence and working of labour unions of Europe in India.

Unit II

Condition of Indian workers including women and child labour; Factory Legislations - Indian Factory Act of 1881, 1891 and 1911; Outbreak of the First World War and large industrial unrest among workers - their strikes; Russian Revolution of 1917 and its impact.

Unit III

Formation of I.L.O. (1919) and the foundation of All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC, 1920); the constitution of AITUC; the functioning of AITUC; role of communist party of India between 1925-29, organization of Workers’ and Peasants’ Parties, Split in AITUC (1929).

Unit IV

Role of Left Wing - Congress Socialist Party and CPI; a reunion of 1935 and spurt in the activities of Trade Unions (1936-1939); Indian Working Class and the National Movement; Government’s attitude towards it; Second World War and its impact, the resurgence in Working-Class activities (1945-1947).