-what type of repairs were done
-what you are not happy about
-what you suggest as a solution

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you regarding the poor quality of the renovations your company has recently completed at my home here in Stittsville, Ontario.

As you are aware, I had contracted your company to finish the bathroom in the master bedroom while I was away on vacation these past two weeks. What I was expected, and what was clearly defined in our contractual agreement, was that a new ‘eggshell white’ bathtub and matching sink were to be installed as well as new floor tiling. You can understand my shock when I arrived home yesterday to find that not only is my sink more turquoise than white, but the trim along the perimeter of the floor is cracked.

I am expecting you to send a team of individuals to correct this issue immediately. Further, I am sure that you will agree a partial refund is in order for the trouble you have caused me. The details of this refund are at your discretion, but I assume you are going to be fair.

Expecting a response from you the moment you read this.

Yours faithfully,

John Smith.


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