Describe your favourite singer | IELTS Speaking Cue Card January to April 2021

by Ielts Team

Describe your favourite singer

  • How do you know this singer?

  • What this person is like?

  • Do you think he/she is good?


I am a musicophile and loves to commence my day by listening to some soothing music. I tend to like classical songs as it gives calmness and happiness to my soul and keeps me connected with my roots. However, on some occasions such as weddings or parties, I love to dance on the rock music.

Today, I would like to talk about my favourite singer. Arijit Singh is my all-time favourite singer. He has a renowned name in the Bollywood music industry and is quite famous in India.

I got to know about him first, when he was a contestant in one of the well-known musical shows named Indian Idol. His voice was appreciated and adored by the judges and the live audience. I developed a fondness towards his melodious voice from that show only. I remember being disappointed when he could not win the show. However, he remained undefeated in his struggle and transformed his first setback into the massive success.

He is a multilingual and sings in various languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telegu, etcetera. He is the master of his talent and is an inspiring personality for young generation. Apart from being a great singer, he is cherished by all because of his calm and down to earth nature. He is often seen behaving in a composed manner with other film stars and media.

The best part about his personality, which makes me to love him more is the way he dresses up for occasions. Today, when the fashion has taken over almost everyone’s lifestyle, he chooses to dress traditionally even for the live concerts. It seems that he believes in the philosophy of simple living and high thinking. Also, he is a kind person and is a philanthropist.

He is known to donate most of his earnings to the needy people and for the upliftment of the society. I think, he is doing quite well for himself and this generation by presenting them with the soulful music. He is truly a role model for youngsters and I hope to meet him personally someday.


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