Previous year question paper for ED (Diploma Electronics and Communication Engineering 1st-2nd)

Engineering Drawing

Previous year question paper with solutions for Engineering Drawing from 2014 to 2018

Our website provides solved previous year question paper for Engineering Drawing from 2014 to 2018. Doing preparation from the previous year question paper helps you to get good marks in exams. From our ED question paper bank, students can download solved previous year question paper. The solutions to these previous year question paper are very easy to understand.

1. Detail and Assembly Drawing (2 sheets)

1.1 Principle and utility of detail and assembly drawings

1.2 Wooden joints i.e. corner mortice and tenon joint, Tee halving joint, Mitre faced

corner joint, Tee bridle joint, Crossed wooden joint, Cogged joint, Dovetail joint,

Through Mortice and Tenon joint, furniture drawing - freehand and with the help

of drawing instruments.

2. Screw threads and threaded fasteners (8 sheets)

2.1 Thread Terms and Nomenclature

2.1.1 Types of threads-External and Internal threads, Right and Left hand

threads (Actual and Conventional representation), single and multiple start


2.1.2 Different Forms of screw threads-V threads (B.S.W threads, B.A thread,

American National and Metric thread), Square threads (square, Acme,

Buttress and Knuckle thread)

2.2 Nuts and Bolts

2.2.1 Different views of hexagonal and square nuts and hexagonal headed bolt

2.2.2 Assembly of Hexagonal headed bolt and Hexagonal nut with washer.

2.2.3 Assembly of square headed bolt with hexagonal and with washer.

2.3 Locking Devices

2.3.1 Different types of locking devices-Lock nut, castle nut, split pin nut,

locking plate, slotted nut and spring washer.

2.3.2 Foundations bolts-Rag bolt, Lewis bolt, curved bolt and eye bolt.


2.4 Drawing of various types of machine screw, set screw, studs and washers

3. Keys and Cotters (3 sheets)

3.1 Various types of keys and cotters and their practical application and

preparation of drawing of various keys and cotters showing keys and cotters

in position

3.2 Various types of joints (3 sheets)

- Spigot and socket joint - Gib and cotter joint - Knuckle joint

4. Rivets and Riveted Joints (4 sheets)

4.1 Types of general purpose-rivets heads (4 Sheets)

4.2 Caulking and fullering of riveted joints

4.3 Types of riveted joints

(i) Lap joint-Single riveted, double riveted (chain and zig-zag type)

(ii) Single riveted, Single cover plate butt joint (chain type)

(iii) Single riveted, double cover plate butt joint (chain type)

(iv) Double riveted, double cover plate butt joint(chain and zig-zag type)

5. Couplings (2 sheets)

5.1 Flange coupling (Protected and non-protected), muff coupling and half-lap muff


6. Symbols and Conventions (2 sheets)

6.1 Civil engineering sanitary fitting symbols

6.2 Electrical fitting symbols for domestic interior installations

7. AUTO CAD (for practical and viva-voce only)

7.1 Concept of AutoCAD, Tool bars in AutoCAD, coordinate system, snap, grid, and

ortho mode

7.2 Drawing commands – point, line, arc, circle, ellipse

7.3 Editing commands – scale, erase, copy, stretch, lengthen and explode