Previous year question paper for HHM (Diploma Mechanical Engineering 4th)

Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machines

Previous year question paper with solutions for Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machines from 2015 to 2018

Our website provides solved previous year question paper for Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machines from 2015 to 2018. Doing preparation from the previous year question paper helps you to get good marks in exams. From our HHM question paper bank, students can download solved previous year question paper. The solutions to these previous year question paper are very easy to understand.

1. Introduction (04hrs)

Fluid, types of fluid; properties of fluid viz mass density, weight density (specific

weight), specific volume, capillarity, specific gravity, viscosity, compressibility,

surface tension, kinematic viscosity and dynamic viscosity and their units.

2. Pressure and its Measurement (07 hrs)

2.1 Concept of pressure (Atmospheric Pressure, gauge pressure, absolute

pressure), Pascal’s Law, Static Pressure

2.2 Pressure measuring devices: peizometer tube manometers - simple U-tube,

differential single column, inverted U-tube, micromanometer including

simple problems

2.3 Bourdon pressure gauge, Diaphragm pressure gauge, dead weight pressure


3. Flow of Fluids (08 hrs)

Types of fluid flow – steady and unsteady, uniform and non-uniform, laminar and

turbulent; rate of flow and their units; continuity equation of flow; potential energy

of a flowing fluid; total head; Bernoulli’s theorem (statement and proof) and its

applications. Discharge measurement with the help of venturi-meter, orifice meter,

pitot-tube, limitations of Bernoulli’s theorem simple problems.

4. Flow through Pipes (08 hrs)

4.1 Definition of pipe flow, wetted perimeter, hydraulic mean depth, hydraulic

gradient; loss of head due to friction; Chezy’s equation and Darcy’s

equation of head loss (without proof), Reynold’s number and its effect on

pipe friction; siphon, Nozzle - definition, velocity of liquid flowing through

the nozzle, power developed. Water hammer, anchor block, syphon, surge

tank (concept only).

4.2 Loss of head in pipes due to sudden enlargement, sudden contraction,

obstruction on flow path, change of direction and pipe fittings (without


5. Flow through Orifices (05 hrs)

Cc, Cv, Cd, flow through drowned, partially drowned orifices, time for emptying a

tank through a circular orifice. Simple problems.

6. Hydraulic Machines (06 hrs)

Description, operation and application of hydraulic systems – hydraulic ram,

hydraulic jack, hydraulic brake, hydraulic accumulator, hydraulic door closer,

hydraulic press, selection of specification of above systems for different


7. Water Turbines and Pumps (10 hrs)

7.1 Concept of a turbine, types of turbines –impulse and reaction type (concept

only), difference between them. Construction and working of pelton wheel,

Francis turbine, Propeller and Kaplan turbines. Unit speed, unit power, unit

discharge, specific speed of turbines, selection of turbines based on specific


7.2 Concept of hydraulic pump, single acting reciprocating pump (construction

and operation only), vane, screw and gear pumps.

7.3 Construction, working and operation of centrigual pump. Performance,

efficiencies and specifications of a centrifugal pump. Trouble shooting and

problems in centrifugal pumps and remedial measures, pitting, cavitation,