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Previous year question paper with solutions for English Mar-2018

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Question paper 1

  1. 1. Answer the following Objective Type Questions :

    (i) Liberty is a personal affair only, not a social contract. (State True / False)


    1(i) False

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  3. (ii) Mrs. Harding did not have her right foot. (State True / False)


    (ii) False

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  5. (iii) Mrs. Parker had hidden a Bentley Sports car in her ............

    (Choose the correct answer from the option given below)

    (a) garage (b) shed (c) farm-house (d) drawing-room


    (iii) (b) shed

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  7. (iv) Walk fast lest you _ fail.

    (Fill in the blank with suitable modal from the options given below.)

    (a) may (b) should (c) might (d) would


    (iv) (b) should

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  9. (v) Who brought God the leaden heart and the dead bird?


    (v) The angle brought God the leaden heart and dead bird.

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  11. (vi) who is the speaker of the poem 'sweet are the uses of Adversity,?


    (vi) William Shakespeare

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  13. (vii) victor smith had been murdered by a culvert on Smith by the use of ........

    (Choose the correct answer from the options given below)

    (a) a poisonous ring (c) a poisonous spring (b) an ivory box (d) a sharp spring


    (vii) an ivory box

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  15. (viii) Fill in the blank with the future Continuous form of the verb given in the bracket

    He _ not _ his friends. (Cheat)


    (viii) He will not be cheating his friend.

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  17. (ix) Name the only vulnerable part of Achilles, body.

    (choose the correct answer from the options given below :)

    (a) Hand (b) Heel (c) Head (d) Heart.


    (ix) (b) Heel

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  19. (x) One who eats human flesh. (Give one word)


    (x) Cannibal

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  21. 2. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: Guru Gobind Singh, the last of the ten Sikh Gurus, was a great son of India. He led India to sublime heights of glory. He brought about the moral resurgence and created order out of disorderly social conditions. He was a multi-faceted personality. He was a poet, a soldier, a statesman, a leader, and a true socialist, all in one. He put life into the dying social order by giving it a wholly new outlook.

    Questions :

    (i) Who was the last Sikh Guru?


    (i)  The last Sikh Guru was  Guru Gobind Singh.

  22. (ii) What did he do to improve the social order?


    (ii) To improve the social order about the moral resurgence

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  24. (iii) How did he put life into the dying social order?


    (iii) By giving it wholly new viewpoint he put life into the dying social order.

  25. (iv) Complete the following sentences :

    (a) Guru Gobind Singh was a ............ of India.

    (b) He was a great soldier ................ and a true socialist.


    (iv) (a)Guru Gobind Singh was a great son of India.

          (b) He was a great soldier a statesman, a leader, and a true socialist.

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  27. Read the poem given below and answer the questions that follow :

    Not gold, but only men can make

    A people great and strong

    Men who, for truth and honour's sake,

    Stand fast and suffer long

    Brave men who work while others sleep,

    Who dare while others fly,

    They build a nation's pillars deep,

    And lift them to the sky.

    Questions :

    (i) What makes a nation great and strong?


    (i) Man who stands truth and honour sake makes a nation great and strong.

  28. (ii) What do brave men do while others sleep?


    (ii) Brave men work hard while others sleep.

  29. (iii) How can they lift a nation to the sky?


    (iii) By building a nation's pillars deep, can be lifted a nation to the sky.

  30. (iv) (a) Give the other word that rhymes with 'fly'.

    (b) Explain, 'They build a nation's pillars deep'.


    (iv) (a) Fly-sky

    (b) Man who work hard and stand for truth and honour man who dare to fly and take the nation to sky this make a nation's pillars deep.

  31. 3. (a) Answer any three of the following questions in 15-20 words :

    (i) Why did Bishamber send forhis sister ? (The Home Coming)


  32. (ii) What does the policeman at Picadilly Circus symbolize ?(The Rule of the Road)


  33. (iii) What are the different types of fear experienced by people ?(Secret of Happiness)


  34. (iv) How had Jim managed to buy the present for Della ? (A Gift for Christmas)


  35. (v) Define solar system (The Making of The Earth)


  36. (b) Answer the following questions in 30-50 words :

    "I cannot choose but weep". Why did the Happy Prince say so ? (The Huppy Prince) 


    Write a short note on the dispute between the three goddesses. (The War of Troy)


  37. 4. Answer any four of the following questions in 25-30 words :

    (i) Why did the tube break ? What did the visitor do then ? (The Stolen Bacillus)


  38. (ii) Did Terry believe the policeman ? What did he do then ? (Terry"s Tree)


  39. (iii) Both men were startled. Who were these 'both men' and why were they startled ? (AVine on a House)


  40. (iv) Why did Joe want to catch the convicts ? (The Unexpected)


  41. (v) Where was Naeem when the author regained his eyesight ? (Bed Number-Z9)


  42. (vi) Why was theboy called 'sausage' ? (Return to Air)


  43. 5. (a) Answer any twoof the fotlowing Questions afterreading the stanza:

    Enough of scienie and of art;

    Close up those barren leaves;

    Come forth, and bring with you a heart

    That watches and receives.

    Questlons :

    (i) Name the poem and the poet.


  44. (ii) What does the poet mean by 'barren leaves' ?


  45. (iii) What kind of heart does the poet want man to have ?


  46. (b) Answerthe followingquestion in about 30-50 words :

    Give the central idea of the poem.

    'Where the Mind is without Fear'.


    Why does Razia, the tigress, live alone ? (Razia, The Tigrers)


  47. 6, (a) Give one word for the following :

    To send articles out of the country.


    6 (a)Export

  48. (b) Correct the following sentence :

    It is no use to cry over spilt milk


    (b) It is no use cry over spilted milk.

  49. (c) Fill in the blank with suitable word from those in the bracket :

    The bread is made of _ (Floor; Flour)


    (c) The bread is made of flour.

  50. (d) Use the following idiom in sentence of your own :

    Hard and Fast


    (d)Hard and Fast: this is not a Hard and Fast rule but one which usually it is safe to fallow.

  51. 7. Do as directed :

    (i) Combine the sentences with suitable Conjunction :

    Mohan is honest. He is sincere. (both-and)


    7(i) Mohan is both honest and sincere.

  52. (ii) Fill in the blank with correct form of the non-finite verb given in the bracker :

    Every miser hates.......... money. (spend)


    (ii) Every miser hates to spend money.

  53. (iii) Change the Narration :

    (a) "Stand up on the benches," I said to the children.

    (b) My mother said to me, "Did you break the slate ?"


    (iii) (a) I ordered to children to stand up on benches.

     (b) My mother asked me if I break the slate.

  54. (iv) Punctuate the following sentence :

    l like the poems of_amrita Pritam


    (iv) l like the poems of Amrita Pritam.

  55. (v) Fill in the blanks with suitable determiner:

    My grandmother......... was old lady............. parents with her.


    (v)My grandmother was an old lady my parents left me with her.

  56. (vi) Fill in the blank with suitable Modal :

    (a) If I were the Prime Minister, I ............ fight corruption. (will, )

    (b) How ............... you abuse your elder brother? (could, should)


    (vi)(a)If I were the Prime Minister, I would fight corruption.

    (b)How could you abuse your elder brother?

  57. (vii) This is the doctor who treated me.

    (Identify the Subordinate Clause and name it)


    (vii) who treated me (adjective Clause)

  58. (viii) I shall go to Delhi. (Change into past Indefinite Tense)


    (viii) I went to Delhi.

  59. (ix) Fill in the blanks with suitable Prepositions :

    Dreams have been the topic................. discussion with men............... centuries.

    (x) Change the Voice :

    (a) Who had been defined ? Sit down, please.


    (ix) Dreams have been the topic of discussion with men during centuries.

    (x)(a) whom had he fined?

    (b) Can you please sit down.

  60. (x) Change the Voice :

    (a) Who had been fined?

    (b) Sit down, please.