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1. Reading Skills

Comprehension of Unseen Passages (Prose/Poetry)

2 English Main Course Book

L-1 The Happy Prince

L-2 Where is Science Taking Us?

L-3 Secret of Happiness

L-4 A Gift for Christmas

L-5 Some Glimpses of Ancient Indian Thought and Practices

L-6 The Home - Coming

L-7 The Making of the Earth

L-8 The Rule of the Road

3 Poems

P-1 Character of a Happy Man

P-2 Death the Leveller

P-3 A Ballad of Sir Pertab Singh

P-4 Razia, the Tigress

P-5 Where the Mind is Without Fear

4 Supplementary Reader

L-1 Bed Number -29

L-2 Half A Rupee Worth

L-3 One Thousand Dollars

L-4 The Dying Detective

L-5 How Much Land Does a Man Need

L-6 Return to Air

5 Vocabulary

1 Pairs of words generally confused 1 to 40

2 Idioms 1to 40

3 One word for many 1to 40

4 Common errors All

5 Common proverbs 1 to 40

6 Grammar

1 Use of Determiners, Prepositions, Modals and Sentence Connectors

2 Use and Kinds of Non-Finites

3 Simple, Complex and Compound Sentences

4 Voice

5 Reported Speech

6 Use of Tenses

7 Punctuation

7 Writing Skills

1 Notice and Note making

2 Messages

3 Advertisements

4 Paragraphs

5 Letters (Personal, Business & Official)

8 Translation from English to Punjabi/Hindi and Translation from Punjabi/Hindi to English.

1. From Academic Session 2018-19 translation from English to Punjabi/Hindi and translation from Punjabi/Hindi to English has been added to the syllabus

2. Translation from English to Punjabi/Hindi will come from the English Main Course Book. Six sentences will be asked in the question paper. First three sentences will be asked from the first four chapters (The Happy Prince, Where is Science Taking us?, Secret of Happiness, A Gift for Christmas). The other three sentences will be asked from the next four chapters (Some Glimpses of Ancient Indian Thought and Practices, The Home- Coming, The Making of the Earth, The Rule of the Road).

3. Out of six sentences, the students will be asked to attempt any four.

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