Previous Year Very Short Questions of SA-1 (B-TECH civil engineering 4th)

Structural analysis-1

Previous year question paper with solutions for Structural analysis-1

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  1. What is middle third rule; discuss its importance with reference to retaining walls?
  2. Differentiate between a plane truss and compound truss.
  3. Define equivalent UDL
  4. Define influence lines
  5. State the Muller-Breslau's principle.
  6. Distinguish between a true arch and corbelled arch
  7. What is cable structure?
  8. Define Mohr’s theorem.
  9. Write down the expression for strain energy due to axial force, Bending Moment.
  10. Define moment area theorems.
  11. Define conjugate beam method.
  12. Derive an expression for volumetric change in spherical shell.
  13. Define castigiliano’s first theorem.
  14. Name the various conditions for the stability of a dam.
  15. A load of 25 kN crosses a bridge AB of span 20 m. Find the values of maximum SF and BM at a section 8m from the left end support.
  16. Draw the influence line for shear forces and bending moment for a uniformly distributed load longer than span on a simply supported beam.
  17. Derive an expression for horizontal thrust in two hinged arch.
  18. “When the cable is supported on a guide pulley the tension in suspension cable is equal to tension in the anchor cable.” Comment
  19. Differentiate between method of sections and methods of joints.
  20. Find the deflection in a simply supported beam carrying a concentrated load at its centre.
  21. Describe in brief the active and passive pressure in case of retaining wall
  22. Explain the Maxwell’s law of reciprocal deflections
  23. What type of supports can be used at the piers of a suspended cable?
  24. Define Muller Breslau Principle.
  25. When does Macaulay's method is preferred over double integration method?
  26. Explain why stiffening girders are provided in suspension bridges?
  27. What is radial shear and normal thrust in a three hinged arch?
  28. Describe conjugate beam method in brief
  29. Discuss the concept of virtual work.
  30. What is middle third rule?