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Name : Basic structural Analysis

By : C.S.Reddy



1. Deflection of Beams Review of Double Integration Method and Macaulay's Method, moment area theorem, conjugate beam method, unit method and strain energy method. Maxwel's reciprocal theorem.

2. Thin Cylinders and Spheres Introduction, stresses and strains in thin cylinders and spherical shell, volumetric change, wire wound thin cylinders, thin vessels subjected to internal pressure.

3. Analysis of determinate Trusses Introduction, determination of forces in member of trusses by method of joints, method of sections, Deflection of Joints of plane frames by castigliano's first theorem and unit load method.

4. Analysis of Dams, chimneys and Retaining Walls Introduction, limit of eccentricity for no tension in the section, core of the section, middle third rule, wind pressure on chimneys.

4. Rolling Loads Introduction to rolling loads and influence lines, Determination of shear force, bending moment at a section and absolute shear force and bending moment due to single point load, uniformly distributed load, several point loads etc.

5. Influence Lines Construction of Influence lines for reaction, shear forces and bending moment for simply supported, overhauling and compound beams, influence lines for girders with floor beams, Influence lines for forces in members of frames. Influence lines for deflection.

6. Arches Introduction, Analysis of three hinged, two hinged and fixed arches, spandrel braced arches, Influence lines for horizontal thrust, shear force and bending moment for three hinged and two hinged arches.

7. Cables and suspension Bridges Introduction, shape of a loaded cable, cable carrying point loads and UDL, cables with ends at different level, cable subjected to temperature stresses, suspension bridge with two hinged and three hinged stiffening girders, influence lines.  

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