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1. INTRODUCTION: Terms & definitions, systems of sanitation and their merits and demerits, system of sewerage, choice of sewerage system and suitability to Indian conditions.

2. DESIGN OF SEWERS: Quantity of sanitary and storm sewage flow, forms of sewers. Conditions of flow in Sewers, sewers of equivalent section, self cleansing and limiting velocity, hydraulic fourmale for flow of sewerage in sewers and their design.

3. CONSTRUCTION & MAINTENANCE OF SEWERS: Sewer apparatenances, Materials for sewers. Laying of sewers, joints in sewers, testing of sewers pipes. Maintenance, operation and precaution before entering a sewer.

4. HOUSE DRAINAGE: rinciples of House drainage, traps, Inspection chamber Indian and European type W.C. Flushing cisterns, soil-waste and anti-syphorage pipes, plumbing system.

5. CHARACTERISTICS & TESTING OF SEWAGE: Composition of sewage, sampling, physical & chemical analysis of sewerage, biological decomposition of sewage, kinetics of organic waste stabilization.

6. TREATMENT OF SEWAGE: Unit processes o waste water treatment, screens, grit-chambers, detritus tank, skimming tank, grease traps, sedimentation, chemical treatment, aerobic biological treatment, trickling filter (LRTF & HRTF), activated sludge processes, anaerobic treatment, unitssludge digesters and biogas plant.

7. LOW COST WASTE WATER TREATMENT UNITS: Oxidation's Ponds, Lagoons, ditches, septic tanks and imhoff tanks, Theory, design, advantages & disadvantages.

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