Previous year question paper for POM (BSC-IT 5th)

Principles of management

Previous year question paper with solutions for Principles of management from 2013 to 2017

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NATURE AND FUNCTIONS OF MANAGEMENT : Importance of management; Definition of

management; Management functions or the process of management; Management Process;

Roles of a Manager; Levels of management; Managerial Skills; Management and administration;

Management-a science or an art?; Management-a profession?; Professional management vs.

family management.

DEVELOPMENT OF MANAGEMENT THOUGHT : Early Management Approaches; Modern

Management Approaches.

COORDINATION : Distinction between coordination and cooperation; Need for coordination;

Requisites for excellent coordination; Types of coordination; Techniques of coordination; Difficulty

of coordination; Systems approach and coordination.

PLANNING : Nature of planning; Importance of Planning; Forms of Planning; Types of plans;

Steps in Planning; Limitations of Planning; Making Planning Effective; Strategic Planning in Indian


DECISION-MAKING : Meaning of a Decision; Types of decisions; Steps in rational,

decisionmaking; Rationality in decision-making; Environment of decision-making; Common

difficulties in decision-making.

Organisation : Meaning; Why study organization?; Process of Organising; Span of management;

Principles of organizing; Departmentalisation; Organisation structure; Why type of structure is

best?; Committees.

AUTHOROTY DELEGATION & DECENTRALIZATION : Sources of formal authority, difference

between authority & power, uses of authority, Responsibility, Line & Staff authority,

Decentralization of authority.

STAFFING : Importance and need for proper staffing; Manpower planning; Recruitment;

Selection; Placement and orientation; Recruitment and selection practices in India.

DIRECTION : Requirements of effective direction, Gicing orders, Motivation, Job Satisfaction,


COMMUNICATION : Importance of Communication, Purposes of Communication, Formal

Communication, Forms of Communication, Informal Communication, thecommunication process,

Barriers to communication, Principles of effective communication.

LEADERSHIP : Differences between a Leader& a Manager, Characteristics of Leadership,

functions of a leader, Functions of a leader, Approaches to leadership, Effective leadership,

Conditions of effective leadership, Leadership assessment, Leadership style in Indian


MANAGERIAL CONTROL : Steps in a control process; Need for control; Types of control

methods; Essentials of effective control systems; Problems in the control process; Control