Previous year question paper for FWP (BCA 2nd)

Fundamental of Web Programming

Previous year question paper with solutions for Fundamental of Web Programming from 2017 to 2019

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UNIT - I Basic Terminology: Web Server; Web Client/Browser, Understanding how a Browser

communicates with a Web Server, Website, Webpage, Static Website, Dynamic Website, Internet, Intranet, Extranet, WWW, URL

HTML: Structure of an HTML program, Paragraph Breaks, Line Breaks; Emphasizing A material in a Web Page (Heading Styles, Drawing Lines); Text Styles (Bold, Italics, Underline); Other Text Effects (Centering (Text, Images etc.)

Lists: Unordered List, Ordered Lists, Definition lists

Adding Graphics to HTML Documents using the Border, Width, Height, Align, ALT Attributes

Tables: Caption Tag, Width, Border, Cell padding, Cell spacing, BGCOLOR, COLSPAN and ROWSPAN Attributes.


Linking Documents: Anchor tag, External Document References, Internal Document References and Image Maps

Frames: Introduction to Frames: The <FRAMESET> tag, The <FRAME> tag, Targeting

Named Frames

DHTML: Introduction to cascading style sheets (CSS), Style tag, Link tag, Types of CSS:

In-Line, Internal, External

Forms: Attributes of a Form element, Input element, The Text Element, Password, Button, Submit Button, Reset Button, The Checkbox, Radio, TextArea, Select and Option


JavaScript: Introduction and Features of JavaScript, Writing JavaScript into HTML, tokens, data types, variables, operations, control constructs, strings arrays, functions, core language objects, client-side objects, event handling. Applications related to client-side form validation.


Introduction to Dreamweaver: Understanding Workspace Layout, Managing Websites, Creating a Website, Using Dreamweaver Templates, Adding New WebPages, Text and Page Format, Inserting Tables, Lists, Images, Adding Links. Web Hosting: Understanding Domain Name & Web Space, Getting a Domain Name & Web Space (Purchase or Free), Uploading the Website to Remote Server, Introduction to Open Source Third-party FTP Tools