More and more young people from wealthy countries are spending a short time in
communities in poorer countries doing unpaid work such as teaching or building
Why? Who benefit from this, the community or these young people?

It is true that a growing number of young people from affluent countries are doing temporary jobs without payment in less wealthy countries. Reasons for this vary, and I believe that both these young individuals and the community reap the benefits.

There are several reasons why the youth in rich nations tend to do unpaid work in less affluent countries. Chief among them is the growth of the aviation industry. The emergence of low-cost airlines allows young individuals who are on a tight budget to travel to remote corners of the world.

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Some people believe government should spend money on building train and subway lines
to reduce traffic congestion. Others think that building more and wider roads is the better
way to reduce traffic congestion. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The methods of mitigating traffic congestion have been a heated topic of controversy. Some people argue that the construction of larger roads is the answer for the problem. However, I contend that such a solution is ineffective in the long term, while the option to construct railways and subways is a far better measure.

There is a common fallacy that governmental spending on building larger roads could sustainably address the problem of traffic congestion. An increase in road size could reduce the traffic intensity in the short term, but larger roads also mean that the citizens are encouraged to purchase more individual vehicles. This leads to the fact that the roads, albeit larger, would soon be filled with intense traffic again.

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The role artists play in modern society is an often debated topic. On the one hand, many people see art and culture as critical components to a society’s image and sense of identity. Others, however, feel that the significance of a society’s arts is overrated in the modern world. This essay will analyze both sides of this argument.

From one perspective, many people believe strongly in the value that artists bring to a society. For example, Bob Marley was a musician whose work helped to shape the modern cultural image of Jamaica and bring attention to global problems.

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Some cultures value old age while others value young age. Discuss both attitudes and express your opinion.

Opinions on the merits and drawbacks of ageing vary from one culture to another. Some see old age as a sign of wisdom and young age a sign of naivety/witty. However, others view young age as a period of human reverberation/vibrancy and old age a period marked by redundancy. Both viewpoints will be examined in this essay.

On the one side, many feel that the donations/contributions old people make to society are more valuable than those made by their younger counterparts. The fact that most world leaders are older people plays a good example here. Old people, having experienced more, tend to hold a deeper understanding of the proble

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Many people are afraid to leave their homes because of the fear of crime. Some believe
that more actions should be taken to prevent crime. Others feel that little can be done.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The popularity of crime today has made people stay indoors for self-protection. While it is a common belief that reducing the crime rate is a nearly impossible mission, I hold the view that there are certain measures which can convert the world into a safer place to live in.

On the one hand, many people argue that in such a current era of moral decadence, any attempts to prevent crime would turn out to be a failure. Poverty and unemployment are considered chief precursors to law violation, and only when these two social issues are eliminated will crime disappear.

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Some people say taxes should be spent on health care. Other people say that there are
more important priorities for tax-payers’ money. Discuss both these views and give your
own opinion.

People hold different views about how taxes should be spent. Although I agree that medical care is a field that requires huge investments, I believe that the government should also allocate money for other priorities, such as education and transport

On the one hand, a certain amount of tax money has to go to health care services. Today, a number of particular diseases are on the rise in terms of popularity, and it would be costly to supply vaccines, medicines or treatments. For example, a large proportion of the population is now suffering from respiratory diseases or lung cancer due to exhaust fumes from vehicles and gas emissions from industrial factories.

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Many people argue that in order to improve educational quality, high school students are encouraged to make comments or even criticism on their teachers. Others think it will lead to loss of respect and discipline in the classroom. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Finding ways to improve educational quality is often one of the top priorities in every education system. In some cultures, high school students are encouraged to give their opinions about teachers, but I believe that this can also give rise to a lack of respect and discipline in the classroom.

On the one hand, it is true that feedback from learners may contribute to an improvement in educational quality. In many cases, the level of comprehension of students relies very much not on the content of the lesson but on the way teachers conduct it.

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Some people think that schools should reward students who show the best academic results, while others believe that it is more important to reward students who show improvements. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Giving encouragement is a necessary practice in every education system. In some countries, a form of awards is often given to those who achieve the highest level of academic attainment, but this is not the most desirable solution, as will now be discussed.27 There are those who argue that students with the best academic results should be rewarded.

The core of this argument is that this may encourage students to study hard for the best grade and that those who excel at academic performances should be praised for their efforts.

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Some people think that famous people can help international aid organizations to draw attention to important problems. Others believe that celebrities can make the problems seem less important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

From the perspective of some people, aid agencies can take advantage of celebrities’ fame to raise public awareness towards certain matters of importance. Others, however, hold the view that such method may only bring counterproductive results. Personally, I find the latter more convincing. Those who support the idea of using famed individuals’ assistance have their own justifications. First of all, people who are considered role models apparently have a considerable amount of influence on the public.

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Nowadays, many families have both parents working. Some working parents believe
other family members like grandparents can take care of their children, while others
think childcare centres provide the best care. Discuss both views and give your own

Currently, many parents tend to be busy working, and they need to rely on someone else to take care of their offspring. While some people think childcare organisations can offer the best care, I would argue that it is better for children to be looked after by their grandparents.

On the one hand, it is believed that youngsters should be sent to childcare centres for some reasons. The first one is that since those centres are professional organisations, their staff are often well trained and therefore have good babysitting skills.

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