Describe your favourite movie | IELTS speaking cue cards May to August 2021

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Here is an IELTS speaking topic from May 2021 to August 2021 Cue Cards with Sample Answer and Follow up questions. We hope you would like this Ielts speaking cue card topic with answers

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card

Describe your favourite movie
You should say
– When and where you saw it
– What type of film it was
– What the film was about
– And explain why it is your favourite film

To be honest, I am not that big fan of watching movies. Hence, I don’t watch movies that often.
Having said that, I do watch some movies occasionally to relax myself and relieve the work stress that I have.
Hence, I love to watch more educational movies from which we get to learn something.
There are some amazing ones being made in India these days.
One such movie that I can think of right now is the bollywood movie named Mission Mangal.
I watched it somewhere around a year ago, probably last January.
It was Sunday that day and luckily all my family members were at home that day and were in a mood to enjoy.
So, my cousin suggested we watch this amazing movie. So, we connected Hotstar to our home theater and watched it at home itself with the whole family.
It is a very educational and motivational film.
As it is based on true events which happened during India’s mission to Mars and how India became the only country to successfully land on Mars in her first attempt itself.
So, it’s basically about India’s manned mission to planet Mars.
The whole plot revolves around the hard work, dedication and determination of Indian scientists to make this mission successful.
This movie also explains the actual meaning of women empowerment as most of the scientists depicted in the movie are women.
Plus, it also sheds light on the hardships that our Indian team of scientists had to face to make this mission a grand success.
Hence, it’s my favourite film as I feel really proud of our space organisation ISRO for accomplishing such a feat despite facing so many problems.
I have watched this movie many times as it motivates me to work hard and be focused on my goals and dreams no matter what.
Plus, being a girl it makes me feel empowered in the right way and encourages me to study more as I too aspire to get my doctorate and become a scientist.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 :

Follow-up questions of Describe your favourite movie

1. Do you think (watching) films have (has) any educational benefits?

Oh, yes. Watching the right kind of movies can have many benefits, especially for the younger generation. Movies are known to create a great and lasting impression on the minds of young people. For instance, documentary movies give us a lot of knowledge about different aspects of life and other things.

2. In what ways are documentary films and films only for entertainment different?

Well, entertainment films are only meant for enjoyment and mean nothing in general, whereas documentaries are meant to be informative and knowledgeable. Further, feature films are mostly fictionalised and dramatised to a great extent. On the other hand, documentaries are mostly based on true events and occurrences to a great extent.

3. Why do you think documentary films are not so popular?

Well, they lack the big budget and the publicity that big-budget entertainment movies usually get. Plus, many people love drama and exaggeration, which are not there in documentaries.

4. How are movies and real life different?

Actually, they are totally different and poles apart. They are just imaginary stories depicted in an overly dramatic manner as opposed to real life where we have to deal with things in real life.

5. Do men and women like to watch the same kinds of films?

Not necessary. But there is a prejudice that women prefer romantic, emotional and high drama movies and men have action and comedy movies as their primary preferences.

6. Do different age groups like the same kinds of films?

In my opinion, small kids and toddlers mostly enjoy cartoons and animated films. As they grow up they get attracted more towards action and rom-coms and older people watch more historical and family movies.

7. Do you like any particular film star? Why?

Um, yes. I really like Akshay Kumar. He is an actor par excellence. Apart from his movies his lifestyle and attitude are also very inspirational. He wakes up early and sleeps early just like me and is a fitness inspiration for millions. We can learn a lot about discipline and self-control from him. So, he’s my favourite as I find him very inspirational and motivating.

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