International travel has many advantages to both the travellers and the country visited. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Travelling to foreign countries has numerous benefits not only to individuals who travel but also to the nation they visit. This essay argues that despite there being some drawbacks in terms of strain on resources is put by tourists, the benefit to hosting country in the form of an increasing economy far outweighs any drawback.

The main con of visiting abroad is that it puts strain only Nations resources such as water, food and electricity. This is because when more and more people I get any tourist place the consumption of resources mount, which leads to scarcity of water offer the water crisis happened in Shimla in India a few years back a prime example of this scenario. When many native people were struggling to get drinkable water. However, I believe this problem can be addressed by putting a cap on the number of visitors per day.

The principal benefit of travelling to other countries is that it widens the origin of a person. This is to say that if a person visits any foreign country, then he or she gets to know about the traditions and customs of that country. Personally, once I have been to Dubai for physics, and I have learnt many things about the lifestyle of that country also technology people are using in their daily lives. I believe this trend brings many fruitful results to individuals also to the nation that person visit.

in conclusion, travelling to neighbour countries has many benefits, and it far outweighs the supposed disadvantage of high consumption of resources like water as it can easily be addressed.

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