Some people believe public libraries are not important for people, others disagree about this statement. Discuss both views and give your opinion?

It is often argued that the internet provides pupils with easy access to vast amounts of information, therefore, libraries have no value these days. However, this essay disagrees with this statement because the library is a reliable source of information and the digitalized libraries can serve users in the same manners the web does.

Firstly, the web, no doubt, has provided us with access to an unlimited source of information than we have ever had before. However, still, there is a question mark on the reliability of the content available on the internet, whereas the books in libraries are more reliable since they are inspected before being published. This is the main reason why so many graduates visit libraries for their research work. For example, the Sunday Times reported that 20-25% of the content on the web is from
unknown resources and also without any censorship.

Secondly, the use of cutting-edge technology in libraries, such as digital screens or tablets to read scanned copies of books, makes libraries easy to use. This is to say that the features one gets, such as searching and saving information in digital form for later use, are also available in modern libraries through technological gadgets. For instance, Queen’s University found that the popularity of the libraries with technological equipment to facilitate student learning process is increasing day by day.

In conclusion, no doubt, the internet is a vast source of information, however, libraries are also crucial to the society because they serve trustworthy information and the digitalized libraries provide the same features that the web offers.

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