Shops should give preference in selling local food rather than imported food. Do you agree or disagree?


It is often argued that the markets should show more interest in escalating the sales of domestic food rather than imported food. This essay totally agrees with this viewpoint because it will help in boosting the nation’s economy and reducing inflation.

Firstly, focusing on selling local food will yield profit for the local farmers as well as for the nation. These days many farmers in countries like India are discouraged to cultivate certain crops because of a dearth of buyers as the markets focus more on foreign foods. Therefore, if shops start giving favour to the local produce, this will result in increased local farmer’s income along with the nation’s economic growth. For example, the average income of farmers in nations where mostly local food is sold is almost double that of farmers living in countries mostly rely on imported food.

Secondly, improving the local produce market will also cut down the prices. This is because imported food is more expensive to local food as the cost of importing is also included in their prices. Reduced prices will allow millions of people to buy more food because of its affordability. For instance, the price of imported wheat flour in western countries is almost double as compared to the country it is imported from. Therefore, It is a preferable school of thought to boost the sales of local items.

In conclusion, I believe giving preference in selling local produce will yield desired results for a nation as it will bolster the production of a nation along with the nation’s economic development and decrease the prices of goods.

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