Previous year question paper for SPSA (B-TECH Computer Science Engineering 6th)

Systems Programming & System Administration

Previous year question paper with solutions for Systems Programming & System Administration from 2012 to 2018

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Evolution of Components Systems Programming, Assemblers, Loaders, Linkers, Macros, Compilers. software tools, Text editors,

Interpreters and program generators, Debug Monitors, Programming environment.

Compiler: Brief overview of compilation process, Incremental compiler, Assembler: Problem statement, single phase and two phase

assembler, symbol table; Loader schemes, compile and go Loader, general loader schemes, absolute loader, Subroutine linkage,

Reallocating loader, Direct linkage Loader, Binders, Linking loader, overlays.


Macro language and macro-processor, macro instructions, features of macro facility, macro instruction arguments, conditional macro

expansion, macro calls with macro instruction defining macros.

Theoretical Concept of Unix Operating System: Basic features of operating system; File structure: CPU scheduling; Memory

management: swapping, demand paging; file system: block and fragments, inodes, directory structure; User to user communication.


Getting Started with Unix: User names and groups, logging in; Format of Unix commands; Changing your password; Characters with

special meaning; Unix documentation; Files and directories; Current directory, looking at the directory contents, absolute and relative

pathnames, some Unix directories and files; Looking at the file contents; File permissions; basic operation on files; changing permission

modes; Standard files, standard output; Standard input, standard error; filters and pipelines; Processes; finding out about processes;

Stopping background process; Unix editor vi.

Test Manipulation: Inspecting files; File statistics; Searching for patterns; Comparing files; Operating on files; Printing files;

Rearranging files; Sorting files; Splitting files; Translating characters; AWK utility.


Shell Programming: Programming in the Borne and C-Shell; Wild cards; Simple shell programs; Shell variables; Shell programming

constructs; interactive shell scripts; Advanced features.

System Administration: Definition of system administration; Booting the system; Maintaining user accounts; File systems and special

files; Backups and restoration; Role and functions of a system manager. Overview of the linux. operating system