Previous year question paper for DSC (B-TECH Electronics and Communication Engineering 3rd)


Previous year question paper with solutions for DATA STRUCTURE USING C from 2013 to 2013

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Overview of ‘C’ :Introduction , Flow of Control, Input output functions, Arrays and Structures, Functions

Data structures and Algorithms: an overview : concept of data structure, choice of right data structures,

types of data structures, basic terminology Algorithms, how to design and develop an algorithm: stepwise

refinement, use of accumulators and counters; algorithm analysis, complexity of algorithms Big-oh notation.

Arrays : Searching Sorting: Introduction, One Dimensional Arrays, operations defined : traversal,

selection, searching, insertion, deletion, and sorting

Searching: linear search, binary search; Sorting: selection sort, bubble sort, insertion sort, merge sort, quick

sort, shell sort. Multidimensional arrays, address calculation of a location in arrays.

Stacks and queues: Stacks, array representation of stack. Applications of stacks. Queues, Circular queues,

array representation of Queues, Deques, priority queues, Applications of Queues.

Section-B Pointers and Linked Lists;

Pointers: Pointer variables, Pointer and arrays, array of pointers, pointers and structures, Dynamic


Linked Lists: Concept of a linked list,. Circular linked list, doubly linked list, operations on linked lists.

Concepts of header linked lists. Applications of linked lists, linked stacks, linked Queues.

Section-C Trees and Graphs

Trees: Introduction to trees, binary trees, representation and traversal of trees, operations on binary trees,

types of binary trees, threaded binary trees, B Trees, . Application of trees.

Graphs : Introduction, terminology, ‘set, linked and matrix’ representation, operations on graphs,

Applications of graphs.

Section-D file Handling and Advanced data Structure

Introduction to file handling, Data and Information, File concepts, File organization, files and streams,

working with files. AVL trees, Sets, list representation of sets, applications of sets, skip lists