Previous year question paper for ET (B-TECH Electronics and Communication Engineering 4th)

Electromagnetic therory

Previous year question paper with solutions for Electromagnetic therory from 2013 to 2016

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Coordinate systems and transformation: Cartesian coordinates, circular cylindrical coordinates, spherical

coordinates Vector calculus: Differential length, area and volume, line surface and volume integrals, del

operator, gradient of a scalar, divergence of a vector and divergence theorem, curl of a vector and Stoke’s

theorem, Laplacian of a scalar


Electrostatics: Electrostatic fields, Coulombs law and field intensity, Electric field due to charge distribution,

Electric flux density, Gausses’s Law – Maxwell’s equation, Electric dipole and flux lines, energy density in

electrostatic fields. Electric field in material space: Properties of materials, convection and conduction

currents, conductors, polarization in dielectrics, dielectric constants, continuity equation and relaxation time,

boundary condition. Electrostatic boundary value problems: Poission’s and Laplace’s equations, general

procedures for soling Poission’s or Laplace’s equations, resistance and capacitance, method of images.


Magnetostatics: Magneto-static fields, Biot-Savart’s Law, Ampere’s circuit law, Maxwell’s equation,

application of ampere’s law, magnetic flux density- Maxwell’s equation, Maxwell’s equation for static

fields, magnetic scalar and vector potential.

Magnetic forces, materials and de vices: Forces due to magnetic field, magnetic torque and moment, a

magnetic dipole, magnetization in materials, magnetic boundary conditions, inductors and inductances,

magnetic energy


Waves and applications: Maxwell’s equation, Faraday’s Law, transformer and motional electromotive

forces, displacement current, Maxwell’s equation in final form.

Electromagnetic wave propagation: Wave propagation in lossy dielectrics, plane waves in lossless

dielectrics, plane wave in free space, plain waves in good conductors, power and the pointing vector,

reflection of a plain wave in a normal incidence. Transmission lines: Transmission line parameters,

Transmission line equations, input impedance, standing wave ratio and power,