Previous year question paper for DOM (B-TECH Mechanical Engineering 5th)

Dynamics of Machines

Previous year question paper with solutions for Dynamics of Machines from 2014 to 2018

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Unit I Static and Dynamic Force Analysis : Static force analysis of planer mechanisms,

dynamic force analysis including inertia and frictional forces of planer mechanisms.

Unit II Dynamics of Reciprocating Engines : engine types, indicator diagrams, gas forces,

equivalent masses, inertia forces, bearing loads in a single cylinder engine, crankshaft

torque, engine shaking forces.

Unit III Balancing of Rotating Components : static balance, dynamic balance, balancing of

rotating masses, two plane balancing, graphical and analytical methods, balancing of

rotors, balancing machines, field balancing.

Unit IV Balancing of Reciprocating Parts : Balancing of single cylinder engine, balancing of

multi cylinder; inline, radial and V type engines, firing order.

Unit V Governors : introduction, types of governors, characteristics of centrifugal governors,

gravity controlled and spring controlled centrifugal governors, hunting of centrifugal

governors, inertia governors.

Unit VI Dynamometers : types of dynamometers, Prony brake, rope brake and band brake

dynamometers, belt transmission dynamometer, torsion dynamometer, hydraulic


Unit VII Gyroscope : gyroscopes, gyroscopic forces and couples, gyroscopic stabilization, ship

stabilization, stability of four wheel and two wheel vehicles moving on curved paths.