Previous year question paper for ICEGT (B-TECH Mechanical Engineering 5th)

Internal Combustion Engines & Gas Turbines

Previous year question paper with solutions for Internal Combustion Engines & Gas Turbines from 2013 to 2018

Our website provides solved previous year question paper for Internal Combustion Engines & Gas Turbines from 2013 to 2018. Doing preparation from the previous year question paper helps you to get good marks in exams. From our ICEGT question paper bank, students can download solved previous year question paper. The solutions to these previous year question paper are very easy to understand.

UNIT – I Air Standard Cycles: Internal and external combustion engines; classification of I.C.

Engines, Cycles of operation in four stroke and two stroke I.C. Engines, Wankel Engines,

Assumptions made in air standard cycle; Otto cycle; diesel cycle, dual combustion cycle,

comparison of Otto, diesel and dual combustion cycles; sterling and Ericsson cycles; air

standard efficiency, specific work output, specific weight; work ratio; mean effective

pressure; deviation of actual engine cycle from ideal cycle. Problems.

UNIT – II Carburetion, fuel Injection and Ignition systems: Mixture requirements for various

operating conditions in S.I. Engines; elementary carburetor, Requirements of a diesel

injection system; types of inject systems; petrol injection, Requirements of ignition

system; types of ignition systems ignition timing; spark plugs. Problems.

UNIT – III Combustion in I.C. Engines : S.I. engines; Ignition limits; stages of combustion in S.I.

Engines; Ignition lag; velocity of flame propagation; detonation; effects of engine

variables on detonation; theories of detonation; octane rating of fuels; pre-ignition; S.I.

engine combustion chambers, Stages of combustion in C.I. Engines; delay period;

variables affecting delay period; knock in C.I. engines, Cetane rating; C.I. engine

combustion chambers.

UNIT – IV Lubrication and Cooling Systems: Functions of a lubricating system, Types of

lubrication system; mist, wet sump and dry sump systems; properties of lubricating oil;

SAE rating of lubricants, engine performance and lubrication, Necessity of engine

cooling; disadvantages of overcooling; cooling systems; air-cooling, water cooling;


UNIT – V Engine Testing and Performance: Performance parameters: BHP, IHP, mechanical

efficiency, brake mean effective pressure and indicative mean effective pressure, torque,

volumetric efficiency; specific fuel consumption (BSFC, ISFC), thermal efficiency; heat

balance; Basic engine measurements; fuel and air consumption, brake power, indicated

power and friction power, heat lost to coolant and exhaust gases; performance curves.


UNIT – VI Air pollution from I.C. Engine and Its remedies: Pollutants from S.I. and C.I. Engines,

Methods of emission control; alternative fuels for I.C. Engines; the current scenario on

the pollution front.

UNIT – VII Rotary Compressors: Root and vane blowers; Static and total head values; Centrifugal

compressors- Velocity diagrams, slip factor, ratio of compression, pressure coefficient,

pre-whirl; Axial flow compressor- Degree of reaction, polytropic efficincy, surging,

choking and stalling, performance characteristics, Problems.

UNIT – VIII Gas Turbines: Brayton cycle; Components of a gas turbine plant; open and closed types

of gas turbine plants; Optimum pressure ratio; Improvements of the basic gas turbine

cycle; multi stage compression with inter-cooling; multi stage expansion with reheating

between stages; exhaust gas heat exchanger, Applications of gas turbines. Problems.