Previous year question paper for BL-1 (BBA 4th)

Business laws-1

Previous year question paper with solutions for Business laws-1 from 2014 to 2018

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Unit I

Law of Contract: Introduction, kinds of contracts, offer and acceptance, consideration, capacity of

parties, free consent, legality of object, performance and discharge of contract remedies for breach

of contract, introduction to the concept of agent and different types of mercantile agents, bailment

and pledge, indemnity and guarantee.

Unit II

Sale of Goods Act: Introduction, formation of contract, condition and warranties, difference

between transfer of property and possession, right of an unpaid seller, performance of contract of


Unit III

Negotiable Instrument: Introduction, bills of exchange, promissory note, cheque, parties of

negotiable instrument, negotiation, presentation, discharge and dishonor of negotiable instrument

rules of evidence, banker and drawer.

Unit IV

Law of Partnership: Introduction, formation, rights duties, liabilities of partners, dissolution of

partnership firm, limited liability partnership. Salient Features of RTI Act, Consumer Protection

Act 1986: objectives features ,structure