Previous year question paper for HCP (BA/BSC 2nd)

History and Culture of Punjab

Previous year question paper with solutions for History and Culture of Punjab from 2017 to 2018

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I. The Mauryan Empire : Social, Economic and religious life.

II. Buddhism and Jainism : Impact on Punjab with special reference to 4th Buddhist Council.

 III. The Kushanas : Impact of Kanishka’s rule on Punjab.


IV. Gandhara School of Art : Salient features..

V. The Guptas : Cultural and scientific developments.

VI. Position of Women : Under the Mauryas, the Guptas and the Vardhanas.


VII. Depiction of Punjab in the accounts of Chinese travelers. Fahien and Hwen Tsang.

VIII. Main developments in literature.

IX. Education : Significant developments; Taxila.


X. Society and Culture on the eve of the Turkish invasion of Punjab.

XI. Punjab in the Kitab-ul-Hind of Alberuni.

 XII. Important Historical places : Lahore, Multan Bathinda, Uchh, Jalandhar, Thanesar, Kangra, Taxila,

Kundalvana, Pehowa, Thatta.