A person you think has interesting ideas and opinions

  • you have to answer
  • Who this person is
  • How you know this person
  • What kinds of ideas and opinions he has
  • How do you think of this person

While I was working in Dell in 2008, there is one person whom I had met in Dell Mohali when I was working, whom I admire a lot since. His name is Ankit Chaudhary and he was working as my senior. This person is incidentally a year younger to me, however, I consider him usually like my elder brother and we were working as technical agents who provided services to the clients based in the United States of America. Well, there are so many things which are interested about this man. First of all, he had a vision to be an entrepreneur. Here I’m not talking about being self-employed or businessman who’s just running some normal things, he wanted to innovate something which was new and in benefit of the people around. So, at the age of 26, he left his job and moved to the city of Gurgaon in Haryana in India he began his own organization or entrepreneurial setup as a startup which provided services to the clients of Australia and the United Kingdom. This setup ran for almost 5 years successfully and during that period, he made a huge amount of money and the best thing about him was that his ideas were not based on something which was obsolete. He always believed in defining something which was new and innovative, for example, he decided to present data in a way wherein everyone had access an access to it and for this, he designed his own operating system. Now these kinds of things do not come easily to a normal person and I believe that since then he has been able to not only serve himself but the society around wherein he has opened up an NGO and another charity organization which serves the elderly and the poor. Now these kinds of things when I look upon, I feel inspired and believe that these kind of ideas are the ones which one should stick to and work for themselves and the society thank you.

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