Describe a good law in your country

  1. What is the law
  2. How you came to know about this law
  3. Whom does it affect
  4. Why is it good

Smoking is undoubtedly a bad habit with numerous detrimental impacts. Not a single benefit of smoking found until today and so the government of Australia has become rigid on the issue of smoking here and there. Smoking is banned in public places and cigarettes are sold in plain packets.

Besides, the government has also initiated plain packaging for tobacco products. It points that all the tobacco products should be sold in a generic packet. There should be no advertisements of tobacco products on the packets. And all the brands will have the same colour in their pack. Any sort of imagery or branding is banned after the recent law that came into force in 2012. However, the brand name of the cigarette brand should be placed in a preset font and on a specific part of the packet. The health warning should be mentioned clearly. The plain packaging system is also introduced in some other states but Australia is the leading one in the case.

When the stringent anti-smoking law came into force, it was publicised on mainstream media. I came to know about the issue from the mass media reports and other publications. Moreover, there were some silent moves by the tobacco companies and they tried to stop the process of plain packaging. But they were a failure. Despite the barriers from the tobacco companies, the government implemented the law and made it a must for them to sell cigarettes in plain packets. Disobeying the law is subject to specific punishment in terms of monetary fine and sentence for imprisonment. After the initiation, it became difficult for the smokers to get their respective brands as all the cigarette packets were of the same colour.

People across the country and islands are highly satisfied with the anti-smoking law provisions. In fact, it was troublesome to tolerate cigarette smoke in public transports and places like bus stoppages, medical centres, theatre halls, schools, colleges and other educational institutions, shopping malls and other places covered by walls on four sides. This was a great problem for the non-smokers to comply with the cigarette smoke. As a result, the number of health disorders was on the rise. But with the initiation of the new anti-tobacco law, now the non-smokers are relieved to a great extent. The rate of smoking in public places has reduced to a great extent. Besides, there is a decline on cigarette sell as well. So, it appears that people have accepted the law gladly and abiding it as much as they can.

This is really a good law for the state. Smoking causes a good number of damage both the smokers and the non-smokers. Besides, smoking cigarettes is also harmful to the environment. But because of its addictive nature, people smoke a lot and cause damage to their body and mind. The attempt from the government to stop the use of tobacco is really appreciating. As part of the plan, the government is marching ahead with the activities like banning smoking in public places, initiation of pictorial warning on tobacco packets and plain packaging etc. It is anticipated that someday the use of tobacco will come down to a great extent and that is the expectation from everyone.


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