Describe a person you have seen(met)who is beautiful or handsome?
-When and where you saw or met this person
-Talk about the personality
-Why do you think this person is handsome or beautiful


There are so many people I have come across in my life until now however there is one person in particular whom I saw last year and I have been in awe or I have been very much captivated by him since then he is a YouTuber and his name is Dhruv Rathee who has been putting up videos related to political news and media related issues which have not been portrayed in India correctly or the way they that they should have been. He’s basically a student who’s studying in Germany at present and in 2012. He saw that the kind of portrayal these news channels have been doing related to the news items was not correct. He found out that just to garner publicity they have been going ahead and publicizing things in a way which actually derogated the news item more and did not present the original facts and figures. So this guy took the issue in his own hands and began making the videos and started researching on the actual things which have happened and presented them now since then he has been portraying all these issues very openly and widely on the media and he is a very honest charismatic man who takes pride in representing what is the truth about the things. The only thing that makes him handsome is the way he represents witness in things he does not waver himself from showing the facts and figures in the action wave which they are and since then he has been able to bring about a lot of publicity to himself and they are very he has been hired by news channels to give the right things and present his views.

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