Describe a quiet place
● Where it is
● When you like to go there
● What you do there
● Why you like to visit there


I am an introvert person and I do not like to visit the places which are loud and gathering. I love to live in a quiet place where I can talk to myself for a long time to improve myself in terms of internally. I often visit my grandparents home in a village. It is far away from hustle and bustle of city life. I visit this place two to three times a year to rejuvenate. It is a big house with four rooms and a big lawn. My grandparents are no longer here. My uncle and aunt live in big cities and they come here to experience the peace in villages. I remember that I spend some time of my childhood at this place and have some old memories. Whenever I am tired then I come to this place to get away from the tight work schedules. on coming here I feel alive and rejuvenated again. On staying a few days here I got relaxed both physically and mentally. During vacation, I love to recall the old memories. To conclude, I would say that I am in love with this place and I think there is no place like this in the world.

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