Describe a time when you were cheated/ when someone lied to you / someone did not tell you the complete truth
● What was the occasion
● Who was the person
● What did he hide about
● Why do you think he did not tell the whole truth

17th of September last year was a very special day for me. It was the birthday of my best friend’s daughter and who is like a niece to me. Well in order to celebrate her birth, I wanted to give a surprise to my best friend who was in the hospital at that time and I planned on buying a cake for her and so I went to a cake shop which was nearby my town and since I was supposed to travel 120 kilometres for the same so I ensured that I buy something which is of high quality. Well when I went to the shop I asked the manager over there to bring about a cake which was vegetarian in the sense that no eggs were being used in that because those people are not having any liking for the eggs specifically. So what happened was I told him these kinds of things that this is what the kind of cake I want which has a picture of a baby newborn baby and it should be pink in color and specifically it should be an eggless cake. Now he told me that yes ma’am the cake which he showed me and which I liked he did go ahead and affirm the fact that yes it’s an eggless one and that I can carry it along to a long distance also and the cake would not be spoiled. What happened was that when I reached the hospital the cake was already smelling a little foul and when everybody opened it they were taken aback because it was giving a very bad smell of the eggs. Now I felt very embarrassed about it and I ensured that when I go back I apologize to my friends first of all and when I went back I talked to the senior of the manager in fact and he told me and apologized himself and he said that man the person is new and perhaps he was not aware that the eggless cakes on that particular day were finished and maybe just because in order to sell the product he must have agreed to it. That was both a bittersweet moment for me because on one hand such a sweet baby was born but on the other hand I could not take the best thing for her and that’s something I remember. Thank you.

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