Describe a water sport that you would like to try in the future

  • you have to answer
  • What is it
  • Where you will do it
  • Whether it is easy or difficult
  • Why would you like to try it

I have been an adventurous person since I was a kid however there are not many things which I have been able to try on my own. One of them is water rafting which I am very keen to try on in the coming times in fact within the next month itself. It is typically a sport in which a person along with a group of say 5 to 12 more people goes ahead in a water raft which is made up of rubber. There is a guide who ensures the safety of everybody and takes them along a river which has a flow and the currents are fast. Now depending upon a person and what kind of adventure they want to undergo water rafting can have different levels also. Usually, it is done in India in the state of Uttar Pradesh in Haridwar and people of almost all the age groups, however, above 15 years are the ones who participate in it in the month of June till September. These are the most heavy rush times when people flow along the river in this particular raft and it is a total procedure of almost three hours wherein depending on the current of the river if it is for the beginners the total timing is almost half an hour to 45 minutes, however, the extreme adventurous rafters they go ahead and enjoy this time for almost one and a half to two hours and some of the currents and the water bodies are very deep the tides are very high in them and it is indeed not an easy feat for anybody. The only reason I would like to do it because of the thrill and the adventure which it gives. The adrenaline rush is too high and it brings about in a person a sense of fearlessness and happiness – thank you.

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