Describe an advertisement that you remember

  • you have to answer
  • what is it
  • when and where you saw it
  • what happens in it

I have been seeing so many advertisements since childhood however there is one particular feature which I remember since 2007 this was about the company known as Vodafone which is a cellular based organization providing services and it introduced an advertisement series during the special IPL season which is India Premier League of cricket in that particular series Zuzu’s were introduced which were small white creatures being used as the advertisement characters they had ballooned bodies and they had egg heads now these humans were the ones which were performing in these costumes now these advertisements were simply human actors in body suits and they always represented various services provided by would afford the most captivating thing about these features were that they never used any dialogues all the performers used actions and the only thing that they used were basic frogs each advertisement had a storyline to it and when I researched further I found out that this was being made by a Bangalore based organization and they were featured in South Africa by an Indian they have been loved around by everyone the children love them and they have been equally appreciated by elders and each story line a unique message to pass around about the services being provided by Vodafone for example in case if the Vodafone provides emergency services the story line goes around in there in a matches being played and a player gets injured and he is being carried on a stretcher by the rest of them immediately thereby sending a message that would often gives emergency services as for the user needs and the advertisements make a lot of sense because the the message is very clear and apt and it reaches down to the audience in a very subtle manner this kind of production has captivated me since then and since it has been so popular it has won a lot of awards also in all the advertisement categories and the organisation was a very small one and this project was an experiment which was so successful which makes a remembrance for me for a long time thank you you


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