Describe an occasion when many people were smiling | IELTS speaking cue cards May to August 2021

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IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card

Describe an occasion when many people were smiling
– When it happened
– Who you were with
– What happened
– And explain why many people were smiling

Well, in today’s busy and stressful lives, it is very important to keep smiling as it reduces the stress to great levels.
A smile can brighten our lives and help us have a productive and happy day.
So, I think people should not forget the importance of spreading cheer and smiles to people near them.
We should arrange get-togethers where we can relax ourselves and have quality time with family and friends.
One such occasion happened in my life when I attended my first cousin, Ankit’s wedding last month.
It was a happy occasion as it was the first wedding in our family in my generation.
So, we had made arrangements on a large scale.
My whole family had gathered for the occasion, even the distant relatives.
Everybody was delighted and impressed with the venue and the decoration.
My aunt and uncle were also quite enthusiastic and were busy welcoming the guests with a smile and some refreshments.
As soon as all the guests arrived, we started the ceremonies planned with Sangeet being the first event.
However, during my cousin’s and his would-be wife’s performance, he went down on his knees to give a ring to his bride.
However, to his embarrassment, he realised that he had forgotten the ring.
My sister-in-law stood there in embarrassment and started staring at my cousin angrily.
My cousin, in turn, started staring at his friend who he thought was supposed to get the ring.
Nonetheless, the people watching this performance were laughing heartily at my cousin and teasing him to no end.
I, too, jumped in and started teasing him about the occasion, which embarrassed him even more.
Eventually, my cousin and my sister-in-law too started laughing and I ran to his room and got the ring.
The day was a very happy one and we still tease my cousin for that incident.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 :

Follow-up questions of Describe an occasion when many people were smiling

1. Why do people smile?

There are many reasons for it. People smile to express gratitude, happiness and love for one another. Sometimes people also smile when a funny incident happens and this lightens the mood to a great extent.

2. When do people smile?

Well, people smile while greeting each other, talking about a happy or funny thing. Moreover, they smile recalling past incidents which are happy and close to their heart. People smile while thinking about their favourite people like family or friends too.

3. What’s the difference between a fake smile and a true smile?

Well, there is a saying that a person expresses his real self through his eyes always. Even if you try to fake anything, the eyes always give you away. So, I think we can easily recognise when a person is fake smiling by looking in his eyes.

4. Why do people smile when they take photos?

A smile is known to enhance our facial features. It brings a different kind of charm to our personality which makes us look good in photos. It makes us look more friendly and confident as well.

5. Who smiles more, men or women?

I think gender doesn’t play a role in this. People smile when they feel like it. It depends more on a person’s personality and his experiences. There are many reasons why some people tend to smile more than others.

6. Do you think people should control their moods?

Definitely. Being in a bad mood always can have a negative effect on us and also spread negativity to the people around us. As I think being in a bad mood escalates the tension even more and it really doesn’t help in the long run if one wishes to lead a happy and peaceful life.

7. Do you think people who like to smile are more friendly?

Absolutely. A smiling person instantly attracts me. They seem to be more approachable and friendly. For instance, my grandmother gets a lot of compliments for her smile. Also, I feel the closest to her because she is always smiling which makes me very comfortable in approaching and talking to her regarding my day-to-day stuff.

8. Do people smile more when they are younger or older?

As I said earlier, a smile has more to do with a person’s nature and character rather than factors like gender and age. So, I think people from all ages and all walks of life smile when they are happy. Having said that, some people do smile more because of the positivity and optimism that they have within themselves.

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