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Describe an occasion when the vehicle you were travelling in broke down

  • you have to answer
  • When was it
  • Where did it happen
  • Who was with you

I am very fond of traveling and wherever I go I prefer to take my car along. There was a special occasion where in my best friend’s daughter was born and I had to travel in order to give some gifts to them and meet. It was around 2 years ago when the incident took place and I took my car along with my daughter and I took my vehicle and my daughter accompanied me. We had similar matching dresses and we were very excited to be on the journey because it was a special occasion which came after a long time. Now, while driving, I realized on the highway that something is not right with the car. It was almost 11 o’clock in the morning and in India, since the summers are very harsh, it was the month of July and the Sun was on the top of the head. So I realized that something is not functioning properly and while driving, I realized that the left hand side back tire of my car was jiggling a little bit. Now, I decided to slow down a little bit and drove at the speed of 60. After 2 kilometers of drive, I stopped the car and check the tire. it was perfectly fine so I decided to carry on and after around 4 or 5 kilometers ahead all of a sudden a large blast sound came off and I realized immediately what had happened. I was lucky enough that my car was not at a high speed because I listened to my gut feeling I was driving at 50 or 60 only at that particular moment and I was able to apply the brakes on time and stop the car. when I stopped there was another vehicle which passed by me and this took about 10 to 15 meters ahead of me and they thought that it was their car which had a busted tire whereas it was me. Luckily that day it was I feel sometimes that God was with me because just opposite to the point where my car broke down I saw a repair shop and incidentally it was a tire repair shop. I went there and got the tire changed and this piece of equipment made me realize that it is so important to continue to listen to yourself and eventually one can stop or one can reduce the amount of accidents which can happen because eventually at the end of the day your intuition actually works very nicely and it tries to guide you and it’s very important to listen to it and I’m thankful to God that I was able to find some help on time and reach my friend’s place on time and it was a beautiful time ahead thank you.

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