Listen to the audio clip
Check how much you can understand and the general gist and start to pick out keywords.


Repeat and repeat again
Listen to the clip again. Based on what you understood the first time, is there now more than you can pick out?
Continue to listen to the clip several times through to see if you can comprehend a little bit more each time.
Only move to Step 3 when you’re not comprehending anything more from the audio. Your goal should be to understand as much as possible from the audio!


Read the text
Check your understanding and identify any new vocabulary. See if you can guess the meaning of any new words based on the context before looking them up.


Listen with the text
Listen to the pronunciation of phrases and groups of words.


Listen a few more times without the text
At this point, you should be able to understand the majority of the clip. Repetition makes it easier to understand the words and phrases when you hear them again.As Ben W says: REPETITION IS THE MOTHER OF ALL LEARNING.

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