Describe a famous person that you admire
– Who is this person
– What is their specialty
– Why do you admire him

Describe a piece of work you did quickly.
You should say:
-what work it was
-why you did it quickly
-how easy or difficult it was
and explain what the result was.

Describe a character or personality of yours

You should say:
-What it is
-How it affects your life
-Where you get it from
And how you feel about it

Describe a (short) journey that you disliked

You should say:
-Where you went
-Who you went with
-What you did
And explain why you disliked this journey

Describe a method that helps you save money

You should say:
-What the method is
-When you started to use it
-How you knew it
and explain why it is helpful

Describe an activity that you do in your school after school

You should say:
-When and where you do
-What you like to do
-Who you do it with
And how you feel about it

Describe an important skill you learned when you were a child
You should say:
-What this skill was
-When you learned it
-How you learned it
And explain why you think it was important

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