Describe a skill you would like to learn
You should say:
– What the skill is
– Why you want to learn this skill
– Whether you think it would be difficult
– Whether you think you will learn it in the near future


Describe an interesting public place in your hometown, or where you are living now, that you like to go You should say:
-where it is
-how often you go there
-what you do there
-and explain why you think it is interesting.


Describe a website you like to visit

You should say:
-When you found it
-What it is about
-How often you visit it
-Why you like this website


Describe a wedding that you have attended.
You should say:
-whose wedding it was
-who was there
-what happened
-and explain how you felt.


Describe a time when you tried a new food for the first time.
You should say:
-what food it was
-where you ate it
-what it tasted like
and explain whether or not you liked this food

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